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Racking Inspection carry out full racking damage surveys (RDS) as specified in EN BS
15635:2008 and in accordance with the regulations applied by PUWER.
Surveys will provide for all of the following information or as called for by the customer:-


  • Acceptance levels for evaluation of defect or damage to the equipment.
  • Methodology for measurement of defects or damage as set out by the Code.
  • Damage level assessment using the red/amber/green risk description.
  • Pallet positioning to the equipment and consequential losses (pallets/stock/equipment)
  • Operational conditions affected by floor surfaces and lighting levels.
  • Housekeeping and storage equipment Health and Safety controls in place.
  • In House Damage Checking and reporting meeting code requirements.

PUWER Staff Training

To ensure that your company is meeting its legal obligation for ACOP and PUWER compliance, we can provide staff training at your warehouse. Training will provide for the following:-


The Company is required to appoint a person(s) who is responsible for storage equipment safety, (PRSES) Usually appointed from within the existing storage handling team and familiar with warehouse operations and the associated dangers present.

The PRSES will be publicised to all staff and be empowered to deal with maintenance needs and ensure continuous safe service of the storage equipment.

They will be able to identify training needs for MHE operatives and general staff and will carry out regular damage checking and reporting of the storage equipment.


In House damage checking is carried out regularly and is governed by risk assessment to understand the amount, severity and type of damage occurring. Normally every month as a minimum but as defined above.

An independent annual inspection report (RDS) is required by the Code which will include the validated assessment of customer in house damage checking and reporting as described.


Site Risk Assessment

To ensure that our inspection procedure does not present hazards at site to operatives or our staff.

Written Report

To identify all racking system damage or defects and provide a complete recovery plan to restore the system to safe use

Damage Tolerance Schedule

So that management can identify levels and significance of all types of damage or defects to the racking system


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