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The Health & Safety Executive and regulations laid down by PUWER include pallet racking and shelving used in the workplace as being classified as work equipment. Consequently your racking and storage systems should be regularly inspected by a competent person and records maintained that clearly identify damage or defects found and corrective actions taken to satisfactorily return the systems so they are fit for purpose.

Periodic inspection of racking systems will ensure that your equipment, stock and operatives are all working in a safe environment. Identification of equipment damage and providing corrective actions and reports will satisfy your Quality Management and Health & Safety policy requirements. Ongoing reporting will also identify trends and highlight such things as poor fork truck driving or poor housekeeping within the work place.

The partners at Racking-Inspection have over 80 years experience between them working in engineering and providing material handling solutions, mezzanine floors and steel fabrications. They therefore understand the importance of quality management, health and safety and legal compliance with regard work equipment. You should be similarly empowered and ensure that your systems are safe, fit for purpose and will stand up to scrutiny in the event of an accident or legal claim.

Inspection is carried out in accordance with BS EN 15635: 2008 Steel Static Storage Systems and in accordance with SEMA recommendations.

Racking-Inspection are approved surveyors to ROS UK and recommend use of their patented repair process for racking frame damage. This being both time and cost effective with guaranteed results.


What we do

Site Risk Assessment

to ensure that our inspection procedure does not present hazards at site to operatives or our staff.

Written Report

to identify all racking system damage or defects and provide a complete recovery plan to restore the system to safe use

Damage Tolerance Schedule

so that management can identify levels and significance of all types of damage or defects to the racking system

Racking Repair

Frame repair process. Approved surveyor for ROS-UK Patented and warranted process, don’t replace - REPAIR


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